GZC4-1(GZC4-1-G) 4-pin plain ceramic socket

GZC4-1(GZC4-1-G) 4-pin plain ceramic socket

Model No.︰GZC4-1

Brand Name︰DONGXIN

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Four-pin plane socket is composed mainly of thick white glazed ceramic body,solder lugs countersunk with copper rivets and contacts tensioned with steel springs(black or white).Silver or gold plated lugs are available.
Mounting Method:Bottom
Mounting Centers:45mm(1.75")
Hole in Chassis:35mm(1.375")

specifications︰ Main Characteristics:

Working voltage:500V
Contact resistance:≤0.01Ω
Insulation resistance:≥10,000MΩ
(under normal condition)

Testing voltage:1500V
Total breakaway force:1.5~5kgf
Life time:200

Usage Descriptions︰ For tubes:

Tube pins:Ф3.2mm(2), Ф4.0mm(2)
Tube pins distribution:Ф16.30mm


Mounting Method:Bottom

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